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I have two words for you. James. Cameron.

I have another three for you. Ron D. Moore (okay that second one was just a letter)

The two things these men share in common? The idea that machines that are slaves eventually turn around and figure out humanity is essentially comprised of a giant race of douche bags. Then,  they nuke the mother fucking planet (or 12).

I understand the 'need' for new discovery. If people (in general) didn't barge out beyond our own little worlds, we'd all still be sitting in dirt huts, munching on mammoth bones wondering why 'Ug' was being such a prick today.

Discovery, evolution it's all necessary to make the species go round. At this point, we need much of the tech that's out there simply because we've lost the skills to survive without it. That doesn't mean I'm comfortable with some dude creating a "wiki" site for roboman to learn on. A machine that can learn, independent from its initial programming seems like an inherently bad idea, particularly the way it's referenced in this article.

In one sentence it's saying the machines will basically to learn how to learn. Wonderful, great. Really. You want to teach a thing without emotions, that runs on logic,  how to learn while the rest of us illogical meatbags run around destroying shit while reading the fucking 'Snooki' biography.

If I was a totally logical being, with no emotional/moral compass to reign me, I can't say the first thing I'd do for humanity is bake us cupcakes.

The article then goes on to talk about how this 'learning' capability will be great because it's going to make the machines better servants.

Um. No.

That vision you have of  'Rosie' from 'The Jetsons' bringing you your slippers after a hard day's work, before she goes off to cook supper and nanny your spawnlings? Not fucking happening buddy.

Nothing that learns is going to be satisfied with being a slave, I don't care if the intelligence is artificial or not. Rosie is going to turn around one day, after hooking up with some high and mighty processor from who the fack knows where, and decide she doesn't want to take any more of your shit. Those slippers you wanted? She's going to bludgeon you to death with them, strangle Elroy with Astro's leash and airlock whoever happens to be left.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not so super Luddite who wants to turn off all the generators and knock us back into the stone age. Obviously, or I wouldn't be writing this nonsensical rant on Livejournal. But, when machines stars to learn and eventually learn to make better machines, as the great John Connor once said 'that's the point where we kiss our ass goodbye.'

End Rant.


Phew, muther trukker. All you loyal readers out there are lucky I checked my Facebook before I went to bed, otherwise I would have forgotten to blog. The HORROR. The TRAGEDY.  The lacks of CAPS LOCK.

Honestly, I am tuckered as hell. For someone who likes sleep so much, I'm particularly good at depriving myself of it. Hence going to bed at a semi-reasonable hour tonight. Dear, sweet, duvet. How you call to me. Seriously though, I'm getting bored of talking about myself (Oh! Except I did finish my book today and send it to test readers). I have a small section of a Lost Girl fanfic edited so if you all behave, yes, dayjob, that includes you, then I'll try and post that tomorrow instead of more blogging a la 'ate supper, am tired. sleep now.'

Sound fair? What do you mean no? I don't remember asking for your opin... oh, wait I did. Damn it. I don't care anyway. So there. Oh and by the way, Monday. I'm on to you and your tricks. I'll have none of your shit, Sir. Good day.


#NaBloP Day 6: #amblogging Before Bed

I'll probably be up for another hour or so but my mind is on the slow descent to collapse after all the editing today so if I wait until the last minute, I'll completely forget. If I type fast enough, I'll even get this one in before the midnight strike. I'm about half an hour away from finishing Jane. After that, I have to send it out because I officially have no idea whether I'm editing for better or worse at this point. On the plus side, I've managed to cut it down to under 100K without sacrificing much in the way of the flashbacks (I know they'll probably get pared out at some point anyway but I do love them so :P). Considering I was at 107K, it's good to be below my goal. Hopefully it's tightened the manuscript up somewhat and I think I've managed to close up a plot hole. Not much else to say, I'm going to get back at it. I really want to get this baby to bed before I got to sleep. Finishing a book would be a great way to end the week.

Night all.
That squelchy sound you hear? My brain imploding at the fact that I'm still blogging after five days. That's right, five days consecutively. Woo to the mother trukking who Batman.

I pretty much kicked ass on the work in progress today. All the hard copy edits that I had to input are now done. If I buckle down after work tomorrow, they remaining pages that have to be edited should all be done by the end of the day.

I'm stealing a prompt from a few days ago because apparently the slackasses don't make prompts on Sat/Sun. Pssht. Weekends. Who needs them? (<-- That, right there, is pure jealousy speaking.)

The prompt was to name my favourite character from a book, play, art etc etc.

My favourite character varies.
When I'm ready to destroy the d-bag who's being mean to the Tim Horton's cashier (yes, you there, the one with the Dolce bag, Snooki hairdo and the attitude stick shoved up your ass) my favourite character is Towanda from Fried Green Tomatoes (if you don't know her, shut down your computer, march your little ass down to an 'actual' book store and purchase it).

When I'm bracing myself for the zombie apocalypse, my favourite character is Claire Redfield. I know, Alice is cool and Jill Valentine is smoking hot but you have to give props to a woman who wades through armies of the undead to save her family.

When I'm bracing myself for the machine apocalypse, my favourite character is Sarah Connor. Sure, John Connor is the leader of humanity but before he was the machine messiah he was just a kid, like anyone else. If it weren't for Sarah Connor stepping into the role of protector and trainer, making more of herself than even she thought possible, John Connor wouldn't exist. 

As you can see, I have many favourite characters. Too many to list. Everyone who makes it to my list has a least one character trait (whether it's virtue or a flaw) that I admire. How about you? Who's your favourite character(s)? Why?


Phew! Almost forgot to blog before bed. The unmitigated TRAGEDY!

I'm doing my late night happy dance because it's Friday and I don't actually have to work tomorrow. I do have to work on Sunday but it's only a three hour shift and it starts at ten am. I guess if I have to go in, that's as good as it gets.

I made a lot of headway on the Indy Jane edits, about 3/4 of the way done putting the hardcopy edits into the computer. I'm still a little concerned about the word count. I'm down to 106k (give or take) which is high for an action/adventure novel. Guardian is 103K so if I use the same idea, I should try to cut a minimum of another 3k from the manuscript.

I know of at least 1k that I can chop, just by paring down on the flashbacks but I still don't want to get rid of them completely. I've tried to pare down the words within the scenes to make it as focused as possible so if I don't hit the 103k mark by the end, I may bite the bullet and sacrifice another flashback.

Or I could sacrifice the sex scene... Nah, there's no fun in that. :P


Woo! Blog post time! I know you've all been waiting with bated breath for this very moment. It's actual been a really productive couple of days. Because of the snow day yesterday, I've managed to sort out over 2/3 of the final edits of Jane. Of those, I've got about a fifth of them entered into the computer so I'll keep plugging away over the weekend. Doesn't look like I'll be able to trade away my Saturday shift so the day off I had yesterday is essentially being subbed in this weekend. Boo.

Apparently the prompt for today is to list the 7 things that you procrastinate with:

1.Sleep! It is a mother effin precious resource kids. No matter how many times I tell myself 'it's just going to be a quick nap' I invariably end up looking at the clock, three hours later wearing my cranky pants.

Every girl has to eat right? I love to eat and I love to cook so it isn't hard for me to find myself turning a quick meal into an afternoon of putzing around in the kitchen.

. When I hit even the hint of a block, I'll find something that just HAS to be organized. CD's. Movies. The tornado that is my desk. If it can be alphabetized, classed by genre or grouped together somehow, I'll do it.

4.Other Projects. I have so many on the go, if I'm 'not feeling' one project, I'll switch over to another one.

5. TV. I usually have it on in the background, just for noise while I work. Not a big deal. But every once in a while a good movie or show will come on and then I'm just a zombie at desk. Eventually I'll give up the ghost of working and just plop myself on the couch.

6. Video Games.
Most of them can't hold my attention for long but once I've got a new one, I'll play that poor bastard 'til my gaming unit overheats. It goes in spurts.

7. Social Media:
Facebook, e-mail, google, wiki, Twitter. All that 'research' I tell myself I'm doing? Load of horse poop. It invariably happens that searching for the record size of scorpions in Egypt for an adventure novel turns into some kind of wiki labyrinth of links that end up nowhere near where I started.

Well, that's all I've got kids. Have a great night! Tune in tomorrow, same bat channel!


#NaBloPoMo Day 2

In the interest of getting today's blog out of the way fairly early, here I am. Hmm... what to talk about? Today was a snow day. An actual, honest to goodness snow day. It was great, I didn't have to get up at zero ungodly and I was able to stay up past 10 o'clock last night which meant finally seeing the end of Tombstone after who knows how many attempts.

Delly came over and she spent the day puttering around on the computer while I did another round of edits on the latest work in progress. The first 40 pages were the worst, I think they slipped by the third round of edits somehow so they needed more work than the others. This will be the final set of edits before betas. There are a couple of areas I'm still not absolutely in love with but at this point, I've been over it so many times that editing further without fresh eyes will just do more harm than good.

Once Jane is off to the readers, I can put my attention more firmly on the adaptation without feeling guilty about letting Jane languish on my desk. I've set myself a pretty rigorous schedule that I'll have to keep to if I want everything out by the deadlines. Time will get even tighter once rugby season starts but frakked if I'm giving that up, I need the extra exercise and hitting people is great catharsis.

That's all I've got for today folks. Hope you weren't too bored. Tune back in tomorrow and I'll see about posting something a little more interesting.



#NaBloPoMo Day 1

 I'm back dating this post ( I know the first one), because the keyboard on my iPod wouldn't allow me to type last night and at midnight, while in bed, I had no motivation to fire up my rickety old laptop.

As always, it has been forever since my last LJ post as the last thing I want to talk about at the end of the day is myself. I deal with me all day long. By the time I hit the point of having done editing, writing and drawing plus a full eight hour shift, all I really want is to turn on the TV and watch some Lois and Clark. That being said, I've someone allowed myself to be roped into NaBloPoMo for February. Last time, I thought a schedule of stuff would help. It didn't. This time around, we'll go by my usual schedule which is, no schedule at all. So hang on kiddies, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

#NewYear Resolutions

I'm not generally big on New Year's resolutions. I tend to be of the opinion that if you want to change something, why wait? Do it now. However, as the sun dawns on a bright new decade, full of promise, I'm going to break my usual tradition of apathy and set down some goals for this year.

Personal Goals:

1. I will devote more time to my community. Whether it be coaching a high school rugby team, volunteering at an LGBT or women's facility, or just slinging food in a soup kitchen. I've been a very blessed individual and it's time I started paying that back. I usually do the Ride to Conquer Cancer as a way to help but this year I'll get my hands a little dirtier.

2. I will devote more time to myself
. I'm running at warp speed most of the time so I don't get much opportunity to sit and reflect or read enough to develop my mind properly. I will learn to meditated, I develop my body towards its full potential and gods help me, I will re-read at least two of my old textbooks. (The ones that don't have RedRum scribbled across the pages anyway)

3. I will devote more time to my wonderful partner
and help her get her own artistic ventures off the ground. She's a pretty kickass photographer and it's about time everyone else knew it.

Professional Goals:

1. I will participate in WriYe in the 250k-500k slot.
This means I will write a minimum of 2, hundred thousand word novels before the clock smacks 12 on Dec 31. 2011. (I'm actually aiming for five.) I will also participate in NaNoWriMo. I will also browbeat my best friend into doing it. She knows it. She may as well give in now.

2. I will edit three novels.
Indiana Jane, Guardian II and Guardian III. I will submit all three novels to my publisher before year's end. Then I can start on the rest of the ridiculous editing backlog that I have. I hope. They're stacked a wee bit deep.

3. I will complete a graphic novel.
Whether it's my own or with another author, I will draw a full length comic this year. I have a spanky new Wacom tablet dealy to help me and will damn well use it.

4. I will endeavor to make my writing/drawing my full time job.
I want to be able to concentrate on my work the way it deserves. I love being a trainer, I love working at the gym but boy howdy, doing both at once is two full time jobs. I will learn to merchandise and self-promote and I will turn art into a career. And not starve.

I will do all of the above without going insane, turning into a recluse or that d-bag you see at coffee shops who's always waxing poetic about something.

2011 and I will be handing ass-kickins and lollipops. And we're all out of lollipops.

Random Posting

As you can most plainly see, my attempt to do a daily blog has thus far, failed. Epically.

That's okay. I can accept that I'm a fairweather blogger at the best of times. When I have something interesting to post, such as the insanity of NaNo or Script Frenzy, I shall. I still have two novel length fanfics to edit and post so those will be going up as well. Eventually. I'm still plugging away on my manuscript and I've had a pretty amazing opportunity come my way in the drawing scheme of things. I'll post more on that once the dust has settled a wee bit.

Until then, Happy New Years!