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To understand the blog below, first take a moment to read the article ici:


I have two words for you. James. Cameron.

I have another three for you. Ron D. Moore (okay that second one was just a letter)

The two things these men share in common? The idea that machines that are slaves eventually turn around and figure out humanity is essentially comprised of a giant race of douche bags. Then,  they nuke the mother fucking planet (or 12).

I understand the 'need' for new discovery. If people (in general) didn't barge out beyond our own little worlds, we'd all still be sitting in dirt huts, munching on mammoth bones wondering why 'Ug' was being such a prick today.

Discovery, evolution it's all necessary to make the species go round. At this point, we need much of the tech that's out there simply because we've lost the skills to survive without it. That doesn't mean I'm comfortable with some dude creating a "wiki" site for roboman to learn on. A machine that can learn, independent from its initial programming seems like an inherently bad idea, particularly the way it's referenced in this article.

In one sentence it's saying the machines will basically to learn how to learn. Wonderful, great. Really. You want to teach a thing without emotions, that runs on logic,  how to learn while the rest of us illogical meatbags run around destroying shit while reading the fucking 'Snooki' biography.

If I was a totally logical being, with no emotional/moral compass to reign me, I can't say the first thing I'd do for humanity is bake us cupcakes.

The article then goes on to talk about how this 'learning' capability will be great because it's going to make the machines better servants.

Um. No.

That vision you have of  'Rosie' from 'The Jetsons' bringing you your slippers after a hard day's work, before she goes off to cook supper and nanny your spawnlings? Not fucking happening buddy.

Nothing that learns is going to be satisfied with being a slave, I don't care if the intelligence is artificial or not. Rosie is going to turn around one day, after hooking up with some high and mighty processor from who the fack knows where, and decide she doesn't want to take any more of your shit. Those slippers you wanted? She's going to bludgeon you to death with them, strangle Elroy with Astro's leash and airlock whoever happens to be left.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not so super Luddite who wants to turn off all the generators and knock us back into the stone age. Obviously, or I wouldn't be writing this nonsensical rant on Livejournal. But, when machines stars to learn and eventually learn to make better machines, as the great John Connor once said 'that's the point where we kiss our ass goodbye.'

End Rant.



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